The associations is welcoming Romanian or Korean natural and legal persons who want to find commercial partners and who aim to promote exchanges between Romania and Korea in different domains (e.g. exhibitions of companies in Romania and in South Korea, business meetings in South Korea, cultural, educational, sports, touristic, etc. projects conducted through OBC).

Members’ rights and obligations (according to the status):

  • To vote on any issue put forward in the discussion of the deliberative body, within the meetings of this body;
  • To participate at the meetings of the General Assembly;
  • To express the disagreement with regard to the decisions of the General Assembly or of the executive body;
  • To convoke the meeting of the General Assembly, taking into account the conditions of the present status;
  • To demand, at own expenses, copies of the documents of the association (decisions, regulations, etc.);
  • To participate at all activities organized by the association;
  • To benefit from the patrimony of the association and to use it exclusively with the purpose of performing the statutory actions of the association;
  • To renounce on the status of member;
  • To be promoted by the vote of the General Assembly in any position within the executive body;
  • To pay the fee established in the documents of the association;
  • To abide by the decisions of the association’s bodies;
  • To not use the goods of the association for personal means or contrary to the decisions of the association’s bodies;
  • To refrain from making any declaration or personal public actions that can damage in any way the image of the association;
  • To participate and be actively involved in the actions initiated by the association, with the exception of the honorific members;
  • To not initiate actions that would involve in any way the association without the consent of a body of the association.

Becoming a member of OBC

  • Legal persons: fill in the admission paper and the member contract;
  • Natural persons: fill in the admission paper. You will be required to fill out your personal data and to answer questions about the reason you are applying for membership and the ways in which you can support the activity of the association;
  • You are required to be familiar with the provisions of the status of the association and to agree to respect them;
  • You are also required to pay the annual fee.

Application forms and subscription requirements.