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Suwon Hwaseong Cultural Festival 2015

It is a known fact that travelling is one of the best medicines against a distressed mind or a fatigued body. Not only that, but as famous writer Mark Twain used to say, it is […]

Martisor in Suwon

During the period 25-29.09.2013, we organized a delegation participation at a series of joint events city days Suwon, which included the 50-th Edition of the Festival City of Hwaseong. This year, we got to be […]

Korean Culture

[:en]Being a country proud of its cultural history, South Korea maintained various traditional palaces, temples and old gardens to display to the tourists. The Cherry Blossom Festival is the one preferred by travelers, with its […]


Suwon is situated in the center of the Korean peninsula  (127 longitudinal degrees East and 37 latitudinal degrees North). Positioned 37 kilometers South of Seoul, it has an abundant historical heritage, centuries-old traditions, as well […]

Romanian Touristic Attractions

Romania is a dynamic country, rich in history, art and scenic beauty, offering the traveler countless unique travel experiences waiting to be discovered.   The Romanian historian, Nicolae Iorga said:   “Each place on earth […]


[:en]OPEN BRIDGE CONSORTIUM is a corporate body without lucrative aims, non-political, non-government, and non-profit, comprised of a series of legal and natural persons, other  government or non-government organizations, which set its aim at supporting the […]


The associations is welcoming Romanian or Korean natural and legal persons who want to find commercial partners and who aim to promote exchanges between Romania and Korea in different domains (e.g. exhibitions of companies in […]